PiXAPRO Ceiling Rail Track System with 4x Pantograph

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The PiXAPRO Ceiling-Mounted Rail-track Pantograph system is a modular High-glide system, which enables you to suspend your studio strobe flashes or led studio lights from the ceiling, thus removing the need for floor-based light stands, leaving your studio floor free from clutter.  The Pantograph system is great for large studios and is especially good for smaller studios as you will have a lot more floor real estate to play with.

The PiXAPRO Ceiling-Mounted Rail-track Pantograph system features a modular design, which enables you to expand or modify the system to your needs. The Pantograph system uses a combination of rails and carriages to enables you to precisely position with the greatest of ease.

The Pantographs can be extended anywhere between 39.5cm and 203cm and supports loads of up to 15kg. The track system consists of two fixed 3m long rails and two 3m long mobile rails. The two mobile rails can be moved anywhere along the fixed rails which in turn enables you to position the pantographs virtually anywhere you need them to be.

This kit comes with four pantographs.

What’s In the Box
  • 4x Pantographs
  • 2x Fixed Single Rails
  • 2x Mobile Double Rails
  • 6x Mounting Plates
  • 4x Single Carriages
  • 4x Double Carriages
  • 12x Cable Carriages
  • 32x Cable Clips
  • 1x Adjustment Pole


Load Capacity 1-15kg
Weight (Each Pantograph) 4.5kg
Jink Size Inside Diameter 16mm (5/8)
Condense Size (Pantograph) 330mm x 98mm x 395mm
Extension 39.5cm - 203cm



Please note: Due to the dimensions of this product, additional handling will be applied for shipments being sent. The additional handling cost will be £45 and this will automatically be added to the shipping cost at the checkout page.

Please note: You will need to ensure the ceiling you are fitting the track system to can take the weight of the entire pantograph system. It needs to be a solid ceiling, as mounting it to a hollow or suspended ceiling, would run the risk of the track system collapsing. An Evaluation of the ceiling conditions and structure is critical before installation.

Please do not attempt fitting the pantograph track system if there are any indications of the ceiling not being structurally safe to do so. Please ensure every step is followed and double-checked. After installation, we would advise you to carry out a safety survey. Please bear in mind that all installation and safety precautions are considered your responsibility so please take this into consideration before purchasing this equipment.

Please Note: The screws/bolts included with this product, may not be suitable for the type of wall/surface that you are planning to mount this product to. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the suitability of the screws supplied with this item for the surface they plan to mount the item to, before proceeding.