Studio Hire Leicester

Our studio space is permantely staffed by owner, photographer and model, myself - Garry Tyler.
We offer a wide range of studio hire services suitable to fit all your needs


Studios 1 - 3 shown here - 


Along with our space we have a wide range of new Pixapro lighting, tools and supports.

Included and available for all sets - 
4 x Citi 600 watt battery capable flash heads
2 x Storm 600 watt super fast recycle flash heads
3 x Lumi 400 watt heads
2 x godox SK300 heads
2 x Citi 300 watt battery capable flash heads and bi-colour LED video lights
2 x LED 100 MKII 100w S-fit LED continous heads
1x LED ringlight
1x Orbital 600 turntable for products


We also have got a range of chairs and stools, posing blocks, a bean bag, a bed, a dresser, a ful length mirror large reflective black gloss panel and plenty other traditional props as well.

Studio 4 - is a stand alone working space with its own entrance coming in at just £15/hour, it has full access to the kit listed above as well as 4 wall mounted lights.

Remote Studio Hire - our studio is fully accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Simply dial in using zoom and join in our remote group shoots/model days and even solo hire sessions. 

The lounge - As well as being a studio we also offer events, sensor cleans, group shoots, workshops and so much more and of course whilst you wait what's better than comfort with a nice brew.


I am DBS checked and our studio offers a Covid safe sets Certification. We pride ourselves on offering a safe, friendly and comfortable environment for models, photographers and other industry professionals.

                  dbs-example.jpg   15aa845d-197b-430c-92f5-728d0bf2b708.jpg


We run weekly events, for a wide range of different themes and host a selection of photography social groups on facebook #StrictlyCosplay, #GetInspiredByDance, #LearnToLight and The Photography Social.

For our weekly events list, please check out our Facebook Group-
 The Photography Social 
Creative Photography Events
PGD Remote Shoots

or the main Facebook page PGD Photography        

We can also offer any location shoot upon request, whether its family home shoots for any occasion or launching your new catalogue and needing a fresh new look, we can cater for everybody.

Damages and Cancellation policy

All bookings are subject to our cancellation policy. Once you have confirmed your booking you are bound to our terms and conditions and have agreed to the cancellation policy.

Any damages to paper rolls will be charged at £10/mtr 
Damages to studio equipment will be charged at the value of replacement
Damages to the studio fixtures and furniture will be charged at the cost of replacement plus the labour cost of any work required.

Any cancellations must be notified 72 hours before the booking is due to commence.
If notified within 72 hours prior to the booking, we will retain 50% of the agreed booking fee.