PiXAPRO STORM II 400 High-Speed Super Fast Flash Head (QT400 II)

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The PIXAPRO STORM II 400 400Ws (Godox QT400 II) is a High-Speed Studio Powerful Stroboscopic Flash that uses Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology to achieve extremely short flash durations, as well as ultra-fast recycle times, which allows you to capture fast motion such as dancing, jumping and even water splashes with ease. With a built-in receiver and a variety of different modes from HSS to the multi burst, it is perfect for people who shoot weddings, portraits, fashion, sports, and advertising. It is especially good for shooting children.


This product is provided with a UK 3-Pin Power cable, if you require an EU power cable please notify us when purchasing your item.
  • Super-Fast Recycle times of between 0.05-0.9s
  • Super-Fast Flash Duration up to 1/35086 second
  • High-Speed Sync up to 1/8000 second
  • Built-In 2.4GHz ST-III Receiver
  • Stroboscopic Flash and Rear-Curtain Sync Mode
  • Optic slave S1/S2 triggering modes with 150W modelling lamp
  • 8-Stop Power range (1/1 – 1/128)
  • S-Type Bayonet mount for a large variety of modifier options.
  • Fan Cooled to ensure it is safe and protected when shooting frequently
What’s In the Box
  • 1x STORM II 400 Flash Head
  • 1x 150W Modelling Bulb
  • 1x Glass Protector Dome
  • 1x Protector Cap
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x Standard Reflector

IGBT Technology

Thanks to the Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor Technology used in the STORM II 400 allows the light to achieve flash durations of up to 1/35086 second for sharper images and capturing motion or movement. The IGBT technology allows the light to keep up with the multi-burst mode on most DSLR cameras allowing you to capture a series of images in quick succession making it great for capturing subjects in motion, such as Dancers, Fitness, Athletes and Martial Artists etc.


Super- Fast Recycling Times

Thanks to the IGBT technology at full, power, the recycle times are like that of a regular flash head of its type at 0.9 seconds. As you start to reduce the power, however, the recycle-times become faster and faster, with recycle times as fast as 0.05 seconds, which is fast enough to keep up with the Multi-Burst mode on most of DSLR cameras currently on the market. This feature allows you to capture a series of images in quick succession, giving you a higher chance of capturing the perfect shot. Great capturing subjects in motion, such as Dancers, Fitness, Athletes and Martial Artists etc.


8-stop Power Range in 1/10th Stop Power Increments

STORM II 400 features a bright 150w modelling lamp, and a 400Ws flash tube, that has an 8-stop power range (1/1 – 1/128 power) in 1/10th stop power increments with 16 controllable groups and 32 different channels to provide maximum flexibility and control with your flash.


Stroboscopic Flash Mode

The Stroboscopic Flash feature causes your STORM II 400 to fire multiple low-powered flashes in rapid succession. Combined with a slow shutter speed, you can capture a sequence of images of a moving subject in one exposure just like the image above.  


High- Speed Sync Mode

The Pixapro STORM II 400 features a Hight Speed Sync (HSS) mode, which enables your flash to sync at higher shutter speeds than normal (with shutter speeds up to 1/8000 of a second)


Automatic temperature-controlled ventilation

The STORM II 400 features an automatic temperature-controlled ventilation system to ensure it is safe and protected while in frequent use, the cooling fan will kick in to protect the flash when running at high temperatures.


User-Friendly Interface

The Storm II 400 has a large back-lit LCD screen, which enables you to easily view and adjust your flash settings. It features a variety of different flash modes including High-Speed Sync mode (up to 1/8000 sec) to help overpower the sun, and a multi-flash mode, which can be set to between 2 and 100 flashes at a frequency between 1 and 99Hz (flashes per second), which allows you to create many different effects such as stroboscopic photography.


Built-in 2.4GHz Flash Receiver

The STORM II 400 features a built-in 2.4GHz flash receiver, which allows it to be used in conjunction with the PIXAPRO 2.4GHz flash Triggers. This allows you to control your flash heads remotely such as flash power settings, modelling lamp on/off, changing groups & channels and Triggering.


Never miss a key moment with The One System

The One System allows you to communicate with our PIXAPRO flashes built-in receivers and control them all from one trigger. The 2.4GHz system will give you full functionality, compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus & Pentax with full control and even high-end cameras from Hasselblad, Leica and PhaseOne with basic control.



S-Type Modifier compatibility

The PIXAPRO STORM II 400 uses an S-Type accessory mount, making it compatible with a wide range of accessories and modifiers.


The PIXAPRO® STORM II 400 is a simple, easy-to-use unit which offers many features suitable for both amateur and professional photographers. This is the perfect light to give crisp sharp images whilst boasting super-fast recycle times and flash duration to capture motion making it suitable for weddings, portraits, fashion, sports, and advertising. It is especially good for imaging children.