Tayley Tierney

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Hello there,

My name is Tayley Tierney, I am a 28 year old model living in Leicestershire. I love getting in front of the camera to create something unique and personal with the photographer, bringing a fresh, experienced outlook and fun, vibrant atmosphere to the whole team.

I have worked for a number of high fashion brands, local companies and workshops as well as music videos and am incredibly pleased to be able to do something that I love whilst also connecting with creative individuals. I am both professional and enthusiastic, I can follow instructions and also bring imagination to the table. It is my belief that good communication and energy can enhance and be the driving force for a super successful shoot therefore If you book me, I promise to you that I will bring dedication, authenticity, timeliness and artistic passion. If required I am able to do my own hair and makeup to your standard, arriving made up and on queue, ready to engage, ready to model to the highest quality.


* Blonde highlighted hair

* Green / blue eyes

* Slim build

* Tan / olive skin

* Sleeve tattoo & leg sleeve tattoo (L)

* 25 inch waist * 36 inch hips

* 5’6 height

* 32 C bust size

My image is incredibly changeable as is shown by my range of work and themes across my portfolio. I have a great range of wigs, and other such things to mix up my look depending on the vision of the team.

I'm available for hire for photographers, workshops, designers and artists, working in portraiture, fashion, swimwear & art projects. I have experience in promotional work, video work and advertisement in food brands, toothpaste, scooters, athletic wear and high fashion prestigious brands, should you be interested I will always put every last bit of effort into whatever role / theme / product I am presenting. I arrive at each photo shoot with an innovative perspective, warm demeanour and readiness to get stuck in. My aim is to get the very best shot and to provide the experience and professionalism that you have paid for.

LEVELS: I have experience in Fashion, Bridal, Cosplay, Pin up, Fantasy, Fitness, Alternative, Horror.

I absolutely love mixing things up and trying new styles so feel free to throw some ideas over to me! I am appreciative of bookings from both professionals and hobbyists, please don't hesitate about contacting me ?

AVAILABILITY: I am available on a part time basis, my other commitments are on my own schedule that I can play around with and always know what days I have free ahead of time. I am able to work all hours and Monday - Sunday providing I have the slot free, if you are keen to book me, we can discuss the perfect time that suits you. I am happy to travel although I may need costs covering depending on the distance, this is something that I am open to discuss. 

Hourly Rate: £35

Minimum requirement 2 hours

Rate at PGD Studios £60/hr minimum 2 hours


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