Wall-mounted Boom Stand (75-130cm)

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The Wall-mounted boom stand screws on to any hard surface providing a stable platform to mount your light, modifier or accessory in practically any position, whether this is up high or down low, it gives many different shooting options. This can be used with almost any brand of light due to the interchangeable 5/8” spigot which has a 3/8th screw on one end and 1/4” on the other. This wall-mounted boom arm gives many different options for use in your studio in a fixed location, keeping your light up high or out of the way. Perfect for use as a hair-light and for Clamshell, Butterfly or Paramount lighting set-ups. For use in portrait, family, baby photography, passport photos or stage and video production.

Boom arms are ideal for lighting your subject from directly over-head. They are also useful for times when you need to position your light centred above or below camera position without the stand getting in the way of your shot. Ideal for Hair-lights and for Clamshell, and Butterfly (or Paramount) lighting set-ups.

The wall-mounted metal boom stand will allow you to mount and extend your equipment up to 130cm away from the surface and collapses down to just 75cm, keeping it in a secure fixed location. This works great if you like to keep a consistent light setup, placing the lights out of the way for a clutter-free working environment, ideal for a small studio with limited space.

The lighting photo wall mounted boom stand is a sturdy durable light stand to hold any lighting using an interchangeable spigot mount with the traditional universal 5/8” spigot with 3/8” screw thread on one end and 1/4” on the other. This is the most popular fixture for lights or flashes which covers the vast majority currently available on the market, with a maximum load capacity of approximately 7kg.

This stand can be fixed on the stable surface or solid wall with 4 large steel wall screws and plugs for extra security, supporting heavier lighting and modifier combinations

The wall-mounted boom stand is the ideal option for keeping your equipment out of the way in a small space and keeping your lighting consistent. This works great for use in a fixed location, whether you are shooting portraits, family, babies, passport photos or using it on stage in a theatre production, it gives many different shooting options in your space for use as a hair-light and for Clamshell, Butterfly or Paramount lighting setups.

What’s In the Box
  • 1x PIXAPRO® Wall Mountable Boom